Bus from Singapore to KL, Malaysia

Travel by bus these days is so convenient and a huge number of travelers prefer to travel by Konsortium Bus because of the cost and the comfort which literally surpassed the comfort that is being given to people who travel in an airplane. Though there are numerous budget airlines from Singapore to Malaysia, why are there a huge number of an individual that still prefer to take a bus? Few reasons are

Konsortium (6)Using a bus is relatively more comfortable as compare to different other traveling modes. There is numerous Konsortium Bus with large and spacious seating space between your seats and the front rows and you can also incline the seats to approximately 70degrees. While taking a plane, unless you’re taking first class seats, economy seats are usually small. Bus tickets are economical as compared to other traveling modes such as plane tickets. There’s no airport tax, you don’t have to pay any of such charges. Imagine getting a bus from Kuala Lumpur toSingapore; it just costs you around US$30.

Total traveling times are almost the same as other luxury traveling modes; however, you don’t have to check in a couple of earlier to departure. And also, traveling time among different airport to your house is usually much further than local station to the house. You can also use the mobile phone in a bus, but not in a plane. You can chat with loved ones while you’re traveling by Konsortium Bus.

There are numerous buses traveling back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it also has been almost one hour, a bus traveling to and fro Singapore.Recently, there are numerous bus companies providing in bus entertainment, meaning you could always watch am Vienna bus while traveling in or outside Malaysia. And also, they normally serve food in a bus. Their service provided is comparable to first class seats on a plane. So, if you are planning to save some buck while enjoying the luxury travel then Konsortium Bus can help you to achieve such target.