How long should the American flag last?

pow-flags-4Whether you buy the polyester or nylon flag material your flag would eventually fade and tear. Thus, there’s no definite or exact answer for such question. U.S. Government normally expects a flag to last ninety days based on regular usage from sunrise till sunset – but not while periods of inclement weather. The famous pow flags that are subject to flight twenty-four hours a day would have a limited life than those flown during daylight hours only. The common factors that limit the life of a flag are rain, wind, sun and different airborne contaminants such as smoke, pollutants, and dirt. Remembering to take the pow flags down in inclement weather would assist in lengthening the life of the flag. There’re ways to assist lengthen life of the flag:

  • Take it down while there is warning of harsh weather

The Wind is more forceful in storms. High winds would whip the flag causing it to expand and contract which weakens the fabric. Rain also has a similar effect, as fabric tends to “expand” with the water weight and contract while drying. If the pow flags do get wet, dry it by taking it down. Drying the flag on a flat surface assists it retaining its original shape. If it’s allowed to dry on a pole it might stretch material because of “weight hang”.

  • Clean flag regularly

Cleaning the pow flags usually, removes contaminants and dirt that might lodge in a material. You can clean the flag by washing it in water and by using a mild detergent. It’s an ideal thing to hand wash the flag as you don’t need to let it sit in the wash water, which might cause color run on white stripes. If you’re uncomfortable hand washing the flag most dry cleaners normally provide discounts for cleaning national flag.

  • Keep the fly end away from any kind of obstruction

To tear or cut down, ensure you don’t fly you’re the flag where it could get caught on any kind of obstructions like tree branches, roofs, cables, wires etc.