Relationship between e-Ticketing and Transnasional


Transnasional (6)Transnasional, a Malaysian leader, and icon of the express bus industryare the most popular and prominent household brand names in the region of SE Asia, serving over 200 destinations, covering all major towns and cities with more than a thousand departures daily across Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia. Using the modern advancement in bus, comfort, and design, Transnasional offers enjoyable, safe and affordable travel.

Having been in this bus travel industry for more than three decades, Transnasional has led the industry by continually innovating itself. Pioneer in the e-ticketing system, Transnasional has made booking process accurate, faster and efficient as it allows passengers to plan a journey, do the reservation and buy express bus tickets from any ticketing counter, sixty days in advance comprising multiple and return journeys trips. On top of that, more than 150 ticketing agents comprising chosen Petronas Mesra Stores have been appointed for accessibility to the consumers.

Transnasional is also the first to offer insurance coverage for baggage and passenger, whereby in the case of any unsuccessful event, passengers are covered for different medical loss or expenses of baggage.  Transnasional Sky view, the very first 69-seater jumbo coach in a whole country is another accomplishment for a brand as it offers an exceptional level of comfort and new experience for the economy class coaches with different features that comprise ergonomic super slim contoured seats and aerodynamic design.

In addition to its frequently scheduled passenger service, Transnasional provides courier or delivery services, bus advertising solutions, and charter packages. So, if live in Malaysia and want to try a real luxury travel, choose Transnasional. Because when you step into one of their buses you will feel like you stepped into a place. The quality of services, quality of food and each and every thing is similar like you will get when you pay a huge amount of money. Whereas by traveling in a bus from Transnasional, you won’t have to pay such huge amount for traveling. But you can save some bucks and then use it to have more fun at your holiday spots.