The benefits and drawbacks of a fake fireplace

Fake fireplaces and wood burning fireplaces like the propane fireplaces and wall hung fireplaces, have one shared feature, they all give the house an ambiance of coziness and romance that can offer such a diverse quality to the home. In the contemporary age, a huge number of homeowners are asking for the fake fireplace numerous individual lives in apartments, houses or condos constructed devoid of chimneys. That being said there are few benefits and drawbacks to having fake fireplaces in a house.


  • Having a chimney installed in order to accommodate real wood fireplace would cost thousands of dollars, not to consider the mess that a construction will leave behind. Fitting an electric fireplace will perhaps cost less than US$200.
  • The fake fireplace similar to a natural gas fireplace also provides warmth and can easily warm up a room like actual ones.
  • There’s no need for venting with faux ones
  • The thermostat for fake ones easy to adjust
  • There are different remote controls which can help you to control the thermostat or the heat without having to stand up each time one need to do the adjustment
  • There’s no need to spend for wood chopping
  • There must be no embers being dealt with which can ruin fabric of a furniture and drapes in a room
  • A fake fireplace looks similar to the real one, infect better linked to that of the space heater
  • The fake logs provides the same ambiance as real logs and they last longer than the real one
  • Electric gas fireplaces can also be transferred between different rooms Drawbacks
  • If the choice is a fireplace that uses gas then installation might cost up to US$2000, which might be expensive for few homeowners
  • Even if there’s flame seen in a fake fireplace there’s no crackling, snapping or even rustling of a fire and there’s also no scent of a fresh burning wood
  • Few gas fireplaces can also heat up a room, it can’t heat up whole house